Meta Cookie-Filled Cookie

Meta Cookie-Filled Cookie
Jan 2023

While it may seem like Oreo has done every flavor imaginable, the brand has managed to one-up itself by releasing 'The Most Oreo Oreo Cookies.'

Just as the name suggests The Most Oreo Oreo Cookies offer you even more Oreo cookies">cookies in the form of - you guessed it - an Oreo cookie. The new product consists of two chocolate-flavored cookies packed with 'Most Stuf' levels of creme that has bits of real Oreo cookies mixed in. The result is a meta cookie creation with Oreo cookies inside each Oreo cookie.

Alongside the release of The Most Oreo Oreo Cookies, the brand has also unveiled the OreoVerse, which is an immersive digital world where fans can play and explore a variety of cookie-themed games.
The new Most Oreo Oreo cookie is available right now for pre-sale and will roll out nationwide starting on January 30, 2023.

Image Credit: Oreo

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